Free Music Swag Time

2013-02-19 16:14:35 by krangGAMES

Woah, it's free shit time.

I'm currently working on a game called Emerald. It's coming along pretty well and should be out within a couple weeks! It's pretty dark and creepy, fans of my old game PRIOR will like it - though it has more things that kill you than PRIOR did.

On my Facebook page, I'm doing this fancy-ass thing where if you comment on a post I made about the post, I'll send you a free download code for a copy of the OST to Emerald. It's not released yet and the music won't be out for awhile yet, so you'll get it before any other regular suckers can listen to it.

Comment on the Facebook post here, yo: 1

There's a picture of it right here, neat!


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