Adventureland Wallpapers <3

2013-03-18 08:01:31 by krangGAMES

A new project is officially underway: Adventureland!

To kick things off, I've made a bunch of desktop wallpapers, as well as some other pretty images for you all to look at. Next comes crazy-ass gameplay videos and then a game and then finally, door-to-door ice cream. It's an ambitious plan, but damn if I'm not committed.

Download the wallpapers in HQ here. Also, check my Facebook page, it gets frequently updated.

(Edit: Something seems to be wrong with image uploading into news posts. I'ma try and reupload the image now and again to get it working. Til then, look look look! It's pretty!)


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2013-03-19 13:14:38

Looks good, even though it's... just text. No motive to spiff it up a bit?

(Updated ) krangGAMES responds:

Cheers yo, that's just a nice desktop background - been playing with a program called Hexels and wanted to do some typography. Here's an Adventureland poster: /45488905677/ive-caved-and-picked -up-the-pro-version-of

(Newgrounds throws a space into the url there, copy+paste it into your bar and remove the space)


2013-03-19 14:48:16

Turns out NG threw in two spaces in that URL, haha. Looks good though, and so does Hexel. Is the game going to be designed in the same graphical style? That would be pretty creative. Downloading the program myself now btw, looks like fun!

krangGAMES responds:

Yeah dude, it's a kickass program! Awesome that you're downloading it, I've had an absolute blast using it. I'm not 100% on the visual style of Adventureland yet, but one way or another, the clean geometric feel of Hexels will influence the graphics on some level.