Emerald, new game announcement!

2013-09-17 17:45:16 by krangGAMES

I've just publicly launched my campaign to develop Emerald, the next big game from krangGAMES :D

Emerald's a story-based action adventure game. I'm building it in Unity as a full project, so this is definitely the biggest game that I've made yet.

And I'm crowdfunding it, so you can totally help it see the light of day while earning my undying gratitude! <3

Here's some links for your face:

Official Website (with video, info, images, links, etc)
Kickstarter Campaign
Soundtrack (listen online, you can also get it as a reward in the campaign)

Hope y'all like the look of it. This first day has been nuts, and it's going to be an exciting month!

-Nick, krangGAMES

Emerald, new game announcement!


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2013-09-17 18:23:57


krangGAMES responds:

Cheers dude! :)