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i saw her standing there Sequel on Steam

2015-12-30 16:48:31 by krangGAMES

Hi ng! Dunno if you remember my games i saw her standing there, or i saw her too with lasers, or i saw her across the world, but they're on here and they're neat and a lot of you played them. Thanks for that!

I'm currently working on a sequel right now, simply called i saw her standing there, as a full-on 3D successor to the series. The story will sorta overlap and continue on from across the world, but of course be much bigger and more interesting. It's on Steam, after all!

Behold: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=576996338

Right now it's on Greenlight, and needs support from the community to become an actual thing. Development on it is going on alongside a few other projects, but once the Greenlight campaign is complete it'll take the front seat for awhile and I'll try to complete within the next few months.

Your support is huuuugely appreciated here, in voting for it, sharing it around, that sorta thing. If you liked the original games and wanna see the series continued, please check it out ^_^

it has lots of pancakes


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2015-12-31 12:41:27

Voted YES and added it to the NG Greenlight collection, however much that thing helps!

(Updated ) krangGAMES responds:

Ahh that's super awesome dude, thanks so much! We got approved shortly after this so I imagine it /at least/ helped a bit :)